Beautiful smiling girl holding retainer for teeth (dental braces) and individual tooth tray

It’s the day you’ve been waiting years for, the day your braces come off…and just like that you’re done! Not so fast. After your treatment at DeQuattro Orthodontics, Dr. DeQuattro will aide you in which retainer will best suit your needs. We offer bonded, essix, or hawley retainers. Each style has its advantages and every patient has his/her preference.

Bonded lingual retainers are cemented directly to the inside surface of your lower canines, in some cases we are able to do the same to the maxillary arch. As with any retainer, it’s imperative to keep your bonded retainers clean. When brushing, make sure to carefully clean the inside of your lower teeth, as well as the wire itself. Patients who have a tendency to be forgetful or were not compliant with their orthodontic treatment may be inclined to choose bonded retainers, since it takes the least amount of work.

The essix retainer is a clear removable retainer that fits over the entire arch of your teeth. This is produced from a mold, therefore it tightly seats over your teeth. Esthetically, essix retainers appear as Invisalign aligner trays. Directly following your debond appointment, you are advised to wear your essix retainers full time for 3 months, only taking them out to eat and drink.

Lastly, the hawley retainer is one of the most commonly used retainers. It is a removable retainer made of a metal wire that surrounds the anterior teeth and is designed to keep your teeth in place. This retainer is also made from a mold, creating a tight and comfortable fit while the wire and acrylic framing keeps your teeth in an ideal position. Dr. DeQuattro advises patients to begin by wearing the hawley full time for 3 months, only taking it out to eat and drink.

With both the hawley and essix retainers after your 3 month period, you may switch to nighttime wear only. It’s crucial that patients realize you never stop wearing your retainers. After the age of 21, Dr. DeQuattro tells patients they no longer need to wear their retainers every night however, they should pop them in 2-3 times per week (you will then continue this for life.)

Whiten-TeethA new year always means new goals and aspirations! Why not add whitening those teeth to your New Years resolutions? Do you know that having a whiter smile gives you confidence and poise? Whiter teeth automatically makes you more attractive by encouraging you to smile wide to show off those pearly whites.

White teeth + big smiles = gorgeous!


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Toys for Christmas at Galilee Mission

Tis the season for giving! Here at DeQuattro Orthodontics, we strive to pay it forward. We work together with dentists in the South County area to collect as many toys as possible to dedicate to a worthy cause. At the time of year when some are not as fortunate as others, it is important to give what you can and spread the joy to those who are not able afford it.

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