FREE Custom Mouth Guard


Mouth Guards are the most important part of any uniform. Virtually all contact sports require kids to wear mouth guards so they are adequately protected, however, we are seeing a large number of patients receiving oral facial injuries from so-called “non-contact sports”.  Sports like baseball, soccer and basketball have had a sharp increase in dental, facial and/or head injuries.  Simply wearing a mouth guard can prevent many of these injuries including the possible loss of adult permanent teeth.  The mouth guard is designed to absorb energy during an impact, thus decreasing the likelihood of injury to the mouth and brain.  For this reason, as a community service, DeQuattro Orthodontics is offering to make FREE custom sports mouth guards for children 12 and under.  Custom mouth guards are the most comfortable and most effective type of mouth guard.

You are invited to call our office to schedule an appointment for your child to come in for an impression of their teeth.  This appointment typically takes 10 minutes.  From the impression we will fabricate a custom fit, protective, sports mouth guard.  The child will return at a later time to pick up their mouth guard.

There is no charge, commitment, or expectation required to get a mouth guard.  We only hope to promote safety in sports in our community. 

*We put aside one week every month to fit children for custom mouth guards.  We recommend that children who currently have braces wait until after treatment to be fitted for a custom mouth guard.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment for a FREE Custom Mouthguard please call us at (401) 783-9890 or email us by filling out the form below!